Oslo, Norway, 2013

December 5th, 2013.

The second NOBA network meeting was hosted in Oslo on December 5th 2013 during Scenekunstbrukets festival Showbox. The topic for this meeting was Quality and Aesthetics.

This is an ongoing discussion and a comprehensive question, but it is a very relevant discussion indeed. We aim at a dialogue seminar with short presentations, followed by questions from the audience.

Main questions

  • What do we mean by the concepts quality and aesthetics?
  • How do we relate to this?
  • How do you form your own opinion?
  • What kind of geographical and cultural differences are there?
  • Is it possible that aesthetics may influence the evaluation of quality?


  • Ådne Sekkelsten from Scenekunstbruket.
  • Malin Enberg from Producentbyrån, Sweden presented the background of NOBA.
  • Guri Birkeland, Senior advisor Scenekunstbruket (The Norwegian Touring Network for performing arts) from Norway talked about quality from Scenekunstbrukets perspective.
  • Tinna Gretarsdottir, choreographer and dancer from Iceland talked about ”The bird and the bat – dance performances for the very young”.
  • Riitta Aittokallio, managing director for Glims and Gloms dance theatre company Finland talked about the need for tools in talking about quality.
  • Ola E. Bø presented “Quality: Getting our money’s worth”, which is an evaluation project initialized by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

The meeting was moderated by Gerhard Verfaillie from The Crocus Festival, Belgium.

Download a summary of the Oslo meeting here.

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About NOBA

NOBA is the Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences.

Our goal is to raise awareness, increase mobility and share information. The network is open to anyone working within dance for young audiences.

NOBA is made possible with financial aid from:
Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Arts Council and Region Västra Götaland

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