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Photo - Petra Tiihonen

Dance Theatre Minimi is a multi-disciplinary performing arts community that produces physical performances challenging genre borders and searching for new ways to push ideas in motion.

The Minimi home stage Sotku is located in Kuopio. Guest performances, events, and different audience development projects are performed at Sotku, as well as Minimi’s own pieces.

Minimi is one of the only Finnish permanent groups who regularly perform street theatre and outdoors acts, working actively outside the traditional indoors stage. All works in the repertoire are made to tour and over a half of the performances are outside the home stage.

Contact us:
Jupe Pohjolainen

About NOBA

NOBA is the Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences.

Our goal is to raise awareness, increase mobility and share information. The network is open to anyone working within dance for young audiences.

NOBA is made possible with financial aid from:
Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Arts Council and Region Västra Götaland

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