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Photo - Martin Brunn

Carl Olof Berg’s practice and interest deals with male prestige and masculinity, putting his own body at play and in the centre of this attention. He does vintage princess work outs, gives guided tours of gentlemen’s clubs and mellow piano concerts with covers of pop songs written by men in his latest artistic concept ”Andrology Showroom”. With inspiration from home delivery services, kiss-o-grams and libraries, this current project brings his performances to your living room, kitchen or sitting by your piano as well as to established and conventional stage contexts.

Carl Olof Berg’s performances aim to create ambiguity, humor, intimacy and raise questions. What is male prestige and how is it performed? What kind of bodily practice produces masculinity and what happens when it is destabilized?

His duet “Hallå 42″ about chaos, play, order and the importance of a pink donut was created in 2013 in collaboration with ZebraDans for an audience between 4-6 years old and has toured regularly since then. In 2015 it was selected for Satellit, the nordic dancefestival for a young audience. In 2012 he also directed the opera “Three little pigs” at Wermland opera.

Carl Olof is based in Stockholm and his body of work presents a diversity of collaborations within contemporary dance, theatre, opera, film and fine arts in Sweden.

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