Tartu, April 17-19, 2015

NOBA Tartu will offer a concentrated range of seminars, workshops and performances, connected in context and providing a chance of gaining experience and knowledge on creating dance for young audiences. Anne Eknes (NO), Joan van der Mast (NL) and Erik Kaiel (US/NL) will host workshops and seminars about going beyond the confines of the stage with dance art for young audience. ‎

In addition to the seminars and workshops there will be performances connecting to and bouncing off each other. NOBA open call winner Music from Movement (We GO, Denmark) will start the performance program. We are also happy to host Finnish company Glims&Gloms Dance Company’s papulaBOX, Erik Kaiel’s No Man is an Island and Estonian choreographer Renate Keerd’s KAMA. And of course, NOBA participants will also have the great opportunity to join Festival School Dance (Koolitants) showings during Saturday and Sunday evenings. There you can have a look at Estonia’s most popular dance festival for children and youth, a festival that just celebrated its 20th birthday!  Last but not least, Joan van der Mast is moderating a panel discussion after School Dance evening showings. So it is going to be a three-day festival full of new ideas, practice and learning from sharing and exchange.

The NOBA Tartu team will be glad to help you with anything from time schedules to local accommodation bookings. ‎We recommend you arrive to Tallinn on April 16th, spend the night in Tallinn and travel by train or bus to Tartu in the morning on 17th. NOBA program will end around 16:00 on April 19th, so you have time to travel to Tallinn and take an evening flight home around 4 hours later. There will be Festival School Dance showings on that evening also, so you are of course more than welcome to stay overnight and leave on Monday, Aprill 20th if you want to!

‎For registered participants there is no participation fee. Registration will include 4 performances on April 17th at 13:00, 14:00 and 19:00 (double bill).

For questions and registration contact
Marion Ründal
e-mail: info@tantsuagentuur.ee
phone: +372 660 2524




13:00 – Music From Movement – Mini, WE GO (DK), 45 min, Genialistide Klubi
Choreographers: Kristine Kyhl Andersen, Niels Bjerg, Amia Miang, Kasper Daugaard Poulsen
Four dancers and musicians form an ensemble that merges into a single organism of bodies and instruments. Their movements create the sound and music emerges from choreography in a humourous and tightly composed mechanism.
The performance is suitable for grade and elimentary students.

14:00 – papulaBOX, Glims&Gloms (FI), 40 min, Tartu Uus Teater
Choreographer: Simo Heiskanen
In papulaBOX, the energetic papulae AtomMolecule and Proton find out the difference between a line segment and a line, and get to know circles, rhombuses and parallelograms. The papulae do scientific motion tests and acquaint themselves profoundly in the substance of the triangle.
The performance is is made for children over three years.

19:00 – KAMA, Renate Valme (EE), 40 min, Tartu Uus Teater
Choregrapher: Renate Keerd
KAMA is a youth dance performance. But not only. Human being is still human being wether you are young or old. There are 4 young people on stage – 2 girls and 2 boys.
+ No Man is an Island, Arch8 (US/NL), 20 min, Tartu Uus Teater
Choreographer: Erik Kaiel
The dance duet pushes the limits of physical possibility. It explores balance as one body climbs and shifts atop another without ever touching the ground. “No Man is an Island“ brings connection, cooperation, communication and creativity together.
Evening performances are suiable for elimentary and high school students.

21:30 – Festival Club, Genialistide Klubi
Festival Club gives an opportunity for NOBA Tartu participants to exchange knowledges and ideas in informal atmosphere, listen good music and enjoy the company.


11:00 – keynote by Anne Eknes - ”Dance for young audiences beyond the boarders of the stage” (NO),  Genialistide Klubi
Report about touring with children and youth performances – opportunities and risks. Anne Ekenes is the artistic leader of the dance company Panta Rei Danseteater.

13:30 – 14:30 workshop with Joan van der Mast – “Boosting your creative soul” (NL), Genialistide Klubi
During the workshop you will encounter the integrating method that Joan van der Mast has developed to get inspired, work & create with different sources of inspiration, ig. a theme, props, costumes, music, plastic art, pictures, stories, etc. But during this journey we will visit, discuss, move, explore and create with the following -underlying topics:
- What are the required ingredients for Contemporary Dance for the youth.
- How to develop and create new movement material and create new phrases for and with youngsters.
- What is creativity? The role of creativity in dance. How to facilitate creativity?
- How to inspire children & youth?
- How to make stimulating assignments and progressions for different target- and age-groups to generate movement and movement ideas.
- The meaning of the Four Elements of Dance, Laban Movement Analysis and Choreology
- How to apply the principles of New Learning in teaching dance
- How to master the basic methods of teaching dance and choreography.

Joan van der Mast is choreographer, contemporary dance teacher, certified Laban Movement Analyst and an internationally respected specialist & lecturer  in didactics and methodology in Contemporary and Modern Dance. 

15:30 – 17:30 workshop with Erik Kaiel - “Orbiting the body” (NL), Genialistide Klubi
We will explore partnering and physical communication as a springboard for further ideas. The emphasis will be on open-ended exercises that can be repeated with groups with varying levels of technical ability. Elements of contact improvisation will mix with the rudimentary dance scores, building a base for further exploration and discovery.
Erik Kaiel is a lebanese-american choreographer. Now based in the Netherlands. he has a masters degree in dance from New York University, and danced and choreographed for a decade in New York before moving to Holland. His choreography has won numerous prizes, and over the last decade, he and his dancers have taught, performed, and created work throughout the world. His works are extremely physical, and focuses on themes of communication and connection. In an increasingly media driven world, Erik explores a poetry of evocative restraint, limiting his palette to bodies, sound, and space. He makes works for young people, and audiences of all ages, both for the stage and in public space.

Daily workshops will be followed by a visit to School Dance Festival and discussion. The discussion “Dance art created together with youth” is moderated by Joan van der Mast (NL)

After discussion -  Festival Club at Genialistide Klubi.



11:00 – 13:00 workshop with Erik Kaiel (NL), Genialistide Klubi

14:00 – 15:30 workshop with Joan van der Mast (NL), Genialistide Klubi


All seminars and workshops are being held in English.


Welcome! / NOBA

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About NOBA

NOBA is the Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences.

Our goal is to raise awareness, increase mobility and share information. The network is open to anyone working within dance for young audiences.

NOBA is made possible with financial aid from:
Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Arts Council and Region Västra Götaland

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