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Karstein Solli has been producing solo performances and large productions since 1987. As a choreographer and stage director he is in high demand and he is a regular receiver of the Norwegian State Income for Artists. Solli’s artistic work is characterized to be an intersection between dance, theater and performance. Since they span from dance, for 0 – 6 years old, to theater and dance for adults, his performances and artistic expressions are not easily categorized. His teaching is specialized and methodologically structured into interdisciplinary expressions with a solid theoretical support. His performances has received unanimous critical acclaim and has participated in national and international dance and theater festivals such as Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Ultima Contemporary Music Festival in Oslo and Segni D`Infanzia Mantova in Italy. He has been touring in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, United States, Brazil and Chile. Karstein Solli has his own studio in downtown Oslo.

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