From 2013-2015 NOBA has hosted six network meetings in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Estonia. Each meeting had a different focal point, and the topics and speakers were carefully selected by the steering group. The steering group also acted as hosts for the network meetings in each respective country. Below you can read more about each meeting and see the detailed program.

Espoo, Finland, 2015

The sixth NOBA network meeting is hosted in Espoo, Finland on September 30 – October 2 2015. The three day meeting is hosted by Glims & Gloms dance theatre, and held in Vindängen Community Centre in Espoo. The meeting consists of seminars and practical workshops.

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Tartu, Estonia, 2015

The fifth NOBA network meeting is hosted in Tartu, Estonia on April 17-19 2015. The meeting consists of seminars, practical workshops and performances.

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Reykjavik, Iceland, 2014

The fourth NOBA network meeting is hosted in Reykjavik, Iceland on August 30 during Reykjavik Dance Festival. The meeting is hosted in collaboration with SL- Association Of Independent Performing Arts Iceland. The topics for the meeting is sharing stories regarding touring performances for young audiences, self-organizing and how to practically work with production, how to present yourself at festivals, in print and online and practical tools on how to approach potential buyers or collaboration partners.

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Roskilde, Denmark, 2014

The third NOBA network meeting is hosted in Roskilde on April 27-28 during the SWOP Festival in collaboration with Aaben Dans. The topic for the meeting is the use of our senses when creating performing arts and will feature a symposium about the senses and the bodily perception. The symposium will feature performances, presentations and discussions.
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Oslo, Norway, 2013

The second NOBA network meeting was hosted in Oslo on December 5th 2013 during Scenekunstbrukets festival Showbox. The topic for this meeting was Quality and Aesthetics.

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 2013

On March 14, during Satellit – a Nordic dance festival for young audiences, we hosted the first NOBA network meeting. The main focus was discussing possible Nordic collaborations and to present experiences, thoughts and ideas from a few selected organizations. The focus for these presentations was: What are the obstacles and what are the opportunities in collaborating internationally?

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About NOBA

NOBA is the Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences.

Our goal is to raise awareness, increase mobility and share information. The network is open to anyone working within dance for young audiences.

NOBA is made possible with financial aid from:
Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Arts Council and Region Västra Götaland

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