The Network

The initial ideas behind NOBA were first formed during Satellit – a Nordic dance festival for young audiences in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2011. The idea of forming a network for dance for young audiences came out of a mutual need to meet each other more frequently and to feel that we are all working towards common or at least similar goals.

After Satellit 2011, a steering group with representatives from all five Nordic countries was formed. Since then the group has worked with planning the over-all structure and ways to finance the network in a longer perspective. In order to gain more input from the dance community, a smaller meeting was hosted in Aarhus, Denmark during fall 2011.

From 2013-2015 NOBA will host five network meetings in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Estonia. NOBA has obtained funding from Nordic Culture Point for 2013-2015 and from Swedish Arts Council and Region Västra Götaland for 2013.

The Steering Group

The steering group function as the board for NOBA, drawing out the direction for the coming years and also act as hosts for the coming network meetings in each respective country. The members of the steering group are all working with dance for young audiences and consist of:


Malin Enberg
Gothenburg, Sweden
Mail: malin [at] producentbyran [dot] se


Tinna Grétarsdóttir
Sjálfstæðu Leikhúsin
Reykjavik, Iceland
Mail: tinna [dot] gretars [at] gmail [dot] com

Pernille Møller Taasinge
Aaben Dans
Roskilde, Denmark
Mail: pernille [at] aabendans [dot] dk


Ådne Sekkelsten
Oslo, Norway
Mail: post [at] scenekunstbruket [dot] no

Riitta Aittokallio
Glims & Gloms dance company
Helsinki, Finland
Mail: riitta.aittokallio [at] glimsgloms [dot] com


Raido Bergstein
Eesti Tantsuagentuur, Estonian Dance Artists Union and General Manager at Tantsuteater Zick.
Tallin, Estonia
Mail: raido [at] tantsuagentuur [dot] ee

About NOBA

NOBA is the Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences.

Our goal is to raise awareness, increase mobility and share information. The network is open to anyone working within dance for young audiences.

NOBA is made possible with financial aid from:
Nordic Culture Point, Swedish Arts Council and Region Västra Götaland

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